Living Medicine Project

Do you ever look at the state of the world and think,

“how do I heal myself AND fix all of this?!”


No doubt about it, for so many people life has gotten harder, while the world has gotten more messed up. 

Today, more people experience:

  • more stress, anxiety, fear and worry  in their lives 

  • more hurt, anger and depression about the present

  • and more overwhelm and hopelessness about the future 

And while a part of you may feel hopeless, another part of you remembers that life is regenerative, healing is always possible … for you, your family, for humanity, and for the Earth.


But how do we heal?

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I believe there are three medicines we all desperately need right now that the modern world has made hard to get: herbs, empathy (emotional processing) and deep nature connection. 

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Hi, I’m garliq,

I’m the healer behind the Living Medicine Project and the Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine.

Since 2006, I’ve been pioneering healing that brings resilience to people AND communities using 'living medicines’ and connection-modeling.

I’ve helped hundreds of people to heal their bodies, get through hard emotions, and find deeper meaning for their lives.

I’ve seen how you really can cultivate personal healing that ripples out to nourish the people around you.

Resilience. Healing. Connection.

You have an amazing ability to cut out all the noise and nonsense and really get to the heart of the matter. And, you clearly understand what it truly means to “hold space”… it was very inspiring and an honour to witness and be a part of this amazing group.
— nahanni

Start with The free stuff...

Both healing and community can not be measured by money!  So before you register for a class, the community or a private consultation, get a taste of what sets the Living Medicine Project apart.

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