Do you need more support for you in your life?

Perhaps an intimate group of like-minded, kind-hearted folks also working on their own healing would be a good fit...



You know you want and need real hands-on, personal help with your healing and self care. Yet you’re not sure if individual, one-on-one work is the thing. Either the price isn’t in your budget, or you’re thinking there’s another option that builds more supportive relationships in your life.Like a very small, hand-picked group of people who are facing very similar challenges in their lives and healing journeys, facilitated and guided together by someone who can hold your heart with great care and compassion.Often this kind of a group is even more powerful than one-on-one because the multiple connections and peer support create a strong sense of community.Connection, support, community - these aren’t indulgent, they’re core needs.  We’re hardwired to require these things and to thrive when we get them.Introducing the ...

Healing Wise Group

an intimate community of heart-centered people rooting strong self care practices using herbs, empathy and nature connection

Purpose for the group :

To support each other in establishing and solidifying our healing practices so that we can thrive together and in our work of healing the world.



This group is a good fit for you if:

  • You’re hungry to engage your own healing journey using herbs, empathy or nature connection

  • You often feel overwhelmed with panic, anxiety, anger or stress and you want clear tools and support to help you ground back into yourself

  • Life sometimes feels way too full and you’re aching for more space to nourish yourself and get the support you need

  • You’ve got a health condition that you’d like to treat with herbs with the supportive embrace of a heart-centred community

  • You’d love to reduce how often you should, blame or criticize yourself because it’s getting in the way of your relationships and overall happiness

  • You are willing to hold empathic, compassionate and ‘as free from judgements as possible’ space for others (don’t worry, we’ll build these skills) in exchange for them doing the same for you

In short, you’ll really get a lot out of this group if you want to develop and deeply root healing practices that focus on compassion and harmony with the living world while strengthening your social support network and building meaningful relationships that could last for years.

Here’s what you can do in the group:

  • Recharge your heart by receiving emotional support in an accepting and non-judgemental group

  • Empathic accountability to get you motivated and doing your self care regularly (absolutely no “feet to the fire” approach)

  • Develop your self empathy and self regulation skills to help reduce or avoid getting triggered

  • Tell your story to people facing similar challenges who will hold your heart with great care as they listen

  • Give the sacred gift of empathic listening and holding space with/for others in your community

  • Have space to tell your story, to process your challenges, make sense of your own experiences and share in your celebrations (too many of us skip our successes)

  • Learn which herbs work most effectively relieve your stress or anxiety so you can quickly feel grounded again

  • Develop plant allies to nourish your spiritual heart and connect you more deeply with the web of life

  • Integrate herbs into your regular (daily?) self care practice

  • deepen your relationship with plants either by harvesting and making your own remedies and or regularly connecting with certain spirit medicine plants

  • Get practical teachings, tips and resources to further your study in plant i.d., foraging, medicine making and/or deep plant connection

  • Ask for herbal suggestions to treat a specific health conditions that are troubling you or your family



What’s involved?



Two 2 hr calls each month (per group)Facilitated, with plenty of air time for each person.  We’ll start each call with a teaching, story or practice exercises related to whatever is live with the group (based on your check in that you’ll post a few days before the call).Then we’ll shift to individual attention from garliq.  This will be a space to ask questions, get feedback, share struggles, tell your story and generally ask for support anywhere in the areas of healing with herbs, emotional processing, nature connection, plant spirit medicine, healing shame, shoulds and self criticism, etc.We’ll be meeting two ****days**** each month, from ***time of call*** pacific, on the following dates in 2017

[box]Village Building, Interconnectedness & Trust.  We need each other to both survive and thrive regardless of the state of the world. To rebuild our villages, we can heal our trust wounds by rooting ourselves in our interconnectedness and our yearning to contribute[/box]

tree with heart

tree with heart

“Anchors” (Buddy Calls)Everyone who’d like to be will be paired up for a month at a time with a partner from the group in order to do additional peer-support calls.Why these Anchors are important…It’s a time to process and make sense of your world, get support, check in with your heart and/or your self care goals.  It’s about really grounding back into what motivates you and nourishing those parts of yourself.Having space to check in with yourself, your heart and/or your self care goals regularly can make a huge difference in whether you feel frayed and overwhelmed or calm and resourced.This is where the village building happens.  This is one of the real jewels of this whole philosophy of self care.  It's about our interconnectedness.   We can hold space for each other.  We build deep, trusting relationships that help us to be the people we're all trying to be in the world.

“After almost a month of sessions and healing with you, I've discovered why I feel the way I feel, and why I've felt the way that I've felt. i feel more like myself than i ever have. I've never felt this connected to me…” Conrad Watwood


apprentices in apothecary

apprentices in apothecary

A Private Discussion Forum (for now it'll be facebook)Only for group members, this is a place to ask for or offer support, have discussions, and to help me keep a pulse on what’s happening with you so the live calls can be as powerful and focused as possible.Office hours - I’ll be offering 2 x 30 minute “office hours” each week on the forum.  This will be my time to answer questions and respond to support requests.  If you’d like to “meet” me during those times, you can log into the forum at the same time so we can have a live conversation.  Or else I'll respond to the questions already posted.My two weekly “office hours” time slots  will be **??**Access to a wide collection of resourcesOver the last 10 years, I’ve either created or gathered many, many resources in the areas of herbs, empathy, nature connection, neurobiology, nonviolent communication, 5 elements, etc.  I have pdf’s, videos, mp3s, books and more to share.Also, I’ll be creating more teaching materials in response to the needs of the group.  Over time, these will likely become part of the various self care classes I’m developing.A Truly Small Group -Each group will be intimate and personal with no more than 8 people, so that everyone gets air time and personal focus, and no one gets lost in the crowd.Herbal Toolkit (optional)I’ve put together a box of herbal remedies that i consider my best remedies for anxiety, stress, sleep, digestion and such.  Nervines, anxiolytics, adaptogens, sedatives, tonics.Cost: $100 for $120-150 worth of goodies.ideas so far...Herbal Blends:

  • Chill Me Out NOW!

  • Anxiety Away

  • Local Adaptogens

  • Wild mtn digestive blend (digestive blend)

Herbal Simples (just 1 herb):

  • Hawthorn fwr

  • Lemonbalm

  • Anemone

  • Cal poppy

  • Valerian

  • Cottonwood salve

Your Commitment

garlic sprout

garlic sprout


New Member:Each new member will start with a 3 month New Member trial period, to make sure that the group is fit for you.There’s no difference in terms of “membership” status, roles or responsibilities in the group.  This is simply a tool to make the transition into the group smoother and have less pressure.At the end of 3 months, we’ll do a 30 minute Check In Call to review how the group is nourishing your healing journey.  And we’ll talk about what will best support you moving forward.Core Member:You’ve completed your first 3 months and found great support in the group, so you’re ready to make a slightly larger commitment to your ongoing self care and healing.  Core members are asked to make at least a 6 month commitment to the group.Fair warning, though: many of my clients have enough fun, support and results that they end up working with me for longer.  :)Also, if someone leaves the group at some point, a new member may join, but the group dynamic will always be cared for to prevent the feeling of a revolving-door.Deep Support Member:It’s the Core Membership plus you get a 1.5 hour Private Session with Garliq each month.  This will be a time to get one-on-one, specialized support on your healing journey.As with the Core Member, you’re asked to make the same 6 month commitment to the group and you’re welcome to switch from Deep Support to Core member any time.

A Quick Review of the support you get in this group:Cost & Payment Details:

What's Included...

Core Member

Deep Support Member

6 months or more of support for your healing and self care

Weekly peer support calls

2 x 30 min. “office hour” slots with Garliq each week

(per group)

Daily connection with an active and supportive community on the group forum

2 x two hour group calls each month

(per group)

Recordings from each call within 24 hrs

Flexibility with which group call you attend

Tonnes of resources around healing

(pdf’s, mp3’s, videos, etc)

1.5 hr Private Session with Garliq each month

(worth $120)

Cost & Payment Details:

heart > $ image

heart > $ image

Core Member:$150 / monthDeep Support Member:$250 / month

So how do you get in?

Two steps. First, fill out the form below. Then you have a conversation with me, Garliq. Together we’ll figure out if this is the best, most fun way to move your healing forward, and to ensure that the group is really effective.Ready? Let’s go.Just fill this puppy out below:[application form needed when this goes public]