Looking to learn about herbal medicines and wild foods in the Kootenays?

Are you open to also discovering the deeper wisdoms the plants share?

The Herbal Integration Course completely transformed my relationship with plants—from one of passive, shallow and intellectual appreciation, to one of deeper love, soft intuition, understanding and respect. I no longer just see the plant world as ‘nice nature stuff we should protect,’ but rather as a beautifully complex and diverse ecosystem of friends who have a core role to play in the healing of the world, including myself.
Angela Willock ~  student

Angela Willock ~ student

You’ve found what you’re looking for if…

  • You want to reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals and mainstream medicine

  • You can’t wait to feel the empowerment that comes from using your homemade remedies to heal yourself and your family

  • You’d like to be able to treat common ailments using local herbs that are entirely safe and effective

  • You don’t think it’s entirely crazy that people can have deep, profoundly meaningful relationships with plants, that are actually incredibly intelligent 

  • You learn best with hands-on experiences that engage all your senses  so that you’re learning happens on multiple levels

Welcome to the Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine!

My teaching style and philosophy:

  • Get your hands dirty

  • Learn by doing

  • Develop relationships with plants

  • Learn within supportive communities

  • Strengthen your connection with the land


Hi. I’m Garliq.

I’m very excited these days about the overlap between personal healing and our collective cultural repair. Once herbs have touched your life with healing, you see the need to bring it to more people.

I love sharing the incredible empowerment and life-changing connections that herbs offer to those who will listen to them.


Workshops Touring Western Canada

To make this work more accessible, I have a number of weekend workshops that I offer around BC and AB.

These ones travel…

  • Herbal First Aid & Beyond for Conscious-Parents, DIY-er’s and Nature Lovers (2.5 days)

  • Healing with the Spirit of Herbs (2 days)

  • Relax, Recharge, Re-Wild - Weekend Retreat (2.5 days)

  • Wildcrafting Weekends (2.5 days)

Just in Nelson…

  • Nelson Herb Walks - Exploring the Green World (evening class)

  • Herbal Integration Course (7 months)

  • Spiritual Herbalism Mentorship Program (6 months)

  • How to Use Local Herbs to Heal Yourself and the Earth (3-4 hrs)

  • Herbs to Deepen Your Yoga Practice (2-3 hrs)

A note about the school... 

The Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine is the herbal education arm of the Living Medicine Project.  It’s the same website and you’ll get emails from both. It’s okay, it’s just me wearing different hats :)