You don’t have to ‘do it yourself.’

Maybe it’s time to get some help.


How would it feel if you had the support and guidance that your heart’s been aching for?

If you’ve ever had a health scare, then you know how confusing and overwhelming it can be. Many people feel lost trying to navigate the options.  There are so many “alternative” modalities that might work.  

You want to pick the right one, but which one? 

How do you decide?

I have 2 suggestions:

  1. Make your decision based on who the practitioner is, not just the modality.  Theory isn’t enough, you need to trust the person.

  2. Make sure you feel “held” by them. 

 “Held” is a mix of feelings: safety, understanding, acceptance, confidence, trust, care, etc.  

It can be terrifying, frustrating, and disheartening when you’re sick.  Even if there isn’t an emotional component to the illness (seldom), intense feelings usually come up.

You want a healer that really “gets” your experience, holds space and guides you through.

A good healer is both a partner and a guide for you on your healing journey.


My approach to healing, in a nutshell…

  1. Humans are part of “Nature”.  We’re not separate.  And illness and unhappiness result from the disconnection, personally and globally.  Healing flows from connection.

  2. You are not broken, just out of sync with your true nature.  You’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got.  You just need some new tools.

  3. Nature is regenerative. So are you and I. Healing is a re-learning process because we are designed to thrive and be well.


A little about sessions with me, garliq…

In my sessions I call upon various skills and knowledge from my toolkit.  Sessions may include hypnosis, western herbalism, plant spirit medicine, nonviolent communication, empathy, 5 element theory, inner children work &/or interpersonal neurobiology, to name the main aspects of my training.

My practice is Queer positive, Trans positive, sex positive, poly positive, kink positive, body positive, and rooted in empathy.  Straight or vanilla folks are welcome also :)

Where you start…

1.  Your Introductory Session is totally free of charge. We’ll chat for 20-30 minute about your healing goals and support needs.  From this session, I’ll be able to recommend your next steps. Together we’ll create a support plan that works for both of us.

2.  Your Initial Session is a 90-120 minute conversation.  It will give me insight into your healing story and the “big picture” so that I can design a personalized treatment plan.

After this Initial Session, I’ll be able to recommend the number of sessions we’ll need to fully support your healing, an herbal regiment, and/or specific exercises.  This may range anywhere from a few weeks, for smaller issues, to a few months for bigger issues.

3.  On-going Healing Sessions. Once I have the big picture of who you are and what you’re dealing with, we’ll work on these things together in your individual Healing Sessions.

Healing Sessions are 90 minutes.  Simply put, deep healing takes time and it’s important to give yourself the space to do it.  That said, once we develop a rhythm to moving in and out of


As I said, the Introductory Session is free.

The Initial Session, is $150 and includes a 20 minute Follow Up appointment to talk about my recommendations and to answer any questions.

The On-going Healing Sessions are $120 for 90 minutes ($80/hr)

My Commitment to Accessibility…

It’s incredibly important to me that this healing work is also financially accessible.  I love working with folks who are really engaging their lives fully. If the rates can’t work for you, please send me a note.  You can read my policy on Barters and trades, please. [ link to Contact page]

No excuses required. There’s absolutely no shame in experiencing poverty

Just let me know when we do your free session and we’ll see what we can work out.

To Book a Session…