Connection Cures Anxiety

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Is there a way to stop (or slow)  the self doubt, overthinking and emotional ups ‘n’ downs, without relying on unhealthy coping strategies?

Yes there is.  That’s why we’re here.

I don’t need to tell you just how challenging it is to feel stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed, even just some of the time. Panic and worry sucks!  Anger and depression feel terrible! They can disrupt sleep, digestion, even relationships. Generally, they make you feel awful throughout your body, mind and spirit. And it’s harder to recover when you’re worn down by the emotional sensitivity, physical discomforts, and persistent ache in your heart for things to be better.


Believe it or not… You’re not alone.

Every life on earth feels it on some level.  We’re all affected by the state of war, poverty, injustice, environmental devastation and overall global imbalance.

Anxiety is a perfectly natural response, actually, to dealing with struggles in these uncertain times.

It’s entirely understandable to feel a mix of—

  • fear
  • anger
  • worry
  • depression
  • exhaustion
  • hopeless
  • powerless, etc.
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YES to both questions!

Here’s where to start …

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Hello, World!

This 7 week class is a crash course in

“You’re not in this alone, we can heal together”

that will show you how to use herbal medicines, empathy and nature connection to refill your tank and revive your spark!

This one-of-a-kind 7 week webclass combines the healing of herbal medicines, emotional processing skills (or just “empathy”?) and deep nature connection to refill your tank and revive your spark.

This course is entirely unique. I've never found anything this thorough, that ties all these pieces together.


From this class you’ll learn:

  • You CAN build your resilience and root yourself in groundedness, no matter where you're starting from

  • To say goodbye to managing stress and anxiety and say hello to healing them

  • Absolutely the most effective skill you can develop in your entire life

  • The 5 most practical and powerful tools that I use with all my clients

  • A very effective, step-by-step process to bring you out of distress, rage, grief or panic using herbs, empathy and nature connection

  • The Toolkit for Connection to build your resilience and root yourself in groundedness

  • Tips and tricks for connecting with nature even when you’re in the city

  • How to build a network of support no matter where you are


Over my 15+ years working as an herbalist and counsellor, I’ve seen the pressure rise for folks.  My clients, students and friends, including myself, are all feeling it.

Many of my clients tell me they're trying to “cope with the pressure.” For so many people, it seems like the only option is to try to manage the overwhelm. It's a temporary solution.

You can likely find a few things that help in the short term: yoga classes, mindfulness practice, distractions, even pharmaceuticals.

But you can only surf the edge of overwhelm for a so long. It's a tsunami. Eventually you will lose your balance and crash. You don't want to be swept away, right?

Surfing your overwhelm doesn't work because:

  1. You have to stay vigilant all the time, which is exhausting and likely impossible.

  2. All of us need more community support than we get, which means you end up doing it alone. And when you realize your isolation, it only adds to the overwhelm.

  3. Surfing overwhelm is just not a healing path. It's a temporary fix that stays for far too long.

The longer term, healing solution was known by our ancestors for thousands of years (and science is finally catching up).

Remember ...

You’re hardwired for connection.  We all are.

And anything that isn’t promoting connection, isn’t really healing.

Disconnection is the great epidemic of our time.  It causes fights between lovers & friends and wars between nations.  It’s the cause and the result of shame, blame and trauma. It allows clearcuts of forests and families.  It stripmines traditional cultures and supportive communities. It convinces you that you’re alone, without help (or hope).

The disease of disconnection increases stress, anxiety and overwhelm in all of us.

Cultivating connection is the only way to heal.  And realizing this, you can see how much people need it...

  1. Connection with Yourself -
    As soon as you stop coping and start connecting with your own deep values, you open to self empathy.  This means you can start to replace the painful patterns of doubt and self criticism with compassion, no matter how long they’ve plagued you.
    As you increase your emotional awareness, navigating your inner landscapes naturally becomes easier. You will feel so much better because your self-connection grows.

  2. Connection with Others - Beyond just connecting with family and friends, to really thrive you need relationships with wise elders and skilled mentors.   This realization can be incredibly painful, because you know it’s true and you see how much we all need to be part of a rich, healthy, intergenerational community.  These communities exist and are waiting for you.

  3. Connection with the Land ... When you begin to plug into nature - with your local forests and fields, foods and medicines, even your favourite river or lake - you start a powerful healing process that ripples out from you to impact so many around you.  Simply by opening yourself to syncing with the living world, you allow your nervous system relax. And somehow, everyone reflects that they their awareness expands. Suddenly, they see “new” flowers and hear birds that “weren’t there before.”

That’s what this class is … proven connection tools to give you back your life and happiness.

When you restore your connections to the web of life, you discover that you can take the pressure off for good!  You can stop surfing and instead reset your system. Because your nervous system is designed to access the living wisdom of the Earth, a vast, intelligent system of support, you will discover yourself replenishing inner resources that you'd long forgotten you had.

These simple, do-able techniques can quickly bring you out of unpleasant overwhelmed states  As you practice - within this supportive group - your skills will develop and allow you to turn around even your worst day.


You don’t have to resign yourself to feeling anxious and depleted as a way of life.   

And the fact that you’re here, that you’ve read this far, means that you’re truly ready to make the changes that will first bring relief and then bring joy and ease back to your life.

Hi there, my name is garliq.   I’m delighted that you’re here, reading this and getting excited for your own healing.  Because, you see, this class is the ‘nut-shell’ of my life’s work and I’m ridiculously excited to see more and more people helped by these tools.

20 years ago, I burnt out and crashed.  I didn’t know how to deal with the grief, anger and powerlessness that I felt about the state of the world. I became hypersensitive to even tiny stresses.  I became fairly reclusive and withdrew from almost all activities. Eventually, I found herbal medicines that profoundly connected me with the Earth and allowed me to emerge into the world again.

I came through the darkness and found my life’s purpose.  So, I dedicated myself to sharing healing with everyone suffering from stress and anxiety, depression and overwhelm - especially with folks who dream of restoring justice and balance to the world.

What does the class contain?

  • There are 7 classes filled with easily digestible teachings

  • Each class contains a recording (approx. 90 mins) and a pdf handout

  • You’ll have the support of an ever-growing community of caring, like-minded folks to share this healing journey

  • You can go at your own pace OR go at the do-able pace of 1 class per week to keep pace with your co-hort

  • You’ll get much more support and you'll speed your learning when you post assignments, ask questions and engage the ** (FB?) community page

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