I’ve effectively helped hundreds of people over 15 years

The healing approach I use has been refined and proven repeatedly over years.

You too can root yourself in these 3 core principles:

Step by step

Healing often gets confusing and complicated.  But it’s actually remarkably simple when you just remember that healing happens on its own in the right environment.  The foundational tools are simple to do, easy to succeed with, yet each is quite profound.

Aligned with Nature’s flow

Yes, it’s true that healing happens in all sorts of ways.  And, there are clear, trackable patterns that naturally enhance your healing - when you connect and sync with them.

Solution Oriented

Powerful healing can happen when a person makes the decision to change their old ways. Simply by rebuilding your inner resources, you can re-establish a calm, safe baseline to accelerate your healing and strengthen your resilience. Life is regenerative and so are you.

Combine all three and you start feeling better quickly!

You start to experience peace and ease in your body, thoughts, and emotions.  

This type of healing runs through you and then ripples throughout your life and relationships, improving everything it touches.

You can then confidently fulfill your potential in how you creatively contribute to healing the world.


Beyond a Single Modality : My Approach to Healing

I use a variety of healing tools.  But you will see some familiar themes running throughout classes, groups and private sessions…

Hypnosis, storytelling, trance and magic are the most effective ways of invoking the innate, powerful wisdom of your subconscious mind.  The use of metaphors and stories boosts your creativity and effectiveness because it allows you to solve problems in a nonlinear way.

Connection with Nature is deeper and more profound than simply spending time outdoors.  It’s not about recreation either. When you start to see the many strands that connect all life together, you open yourself to discovering new ways to learn from and with Nature.

Empathy and emotional awareness are essential skills to navigate reality.  There is no separation between your emotions and your body.  That’s why deep listening and compassionate understanding do more than just nourish the heart.  It makes connection possible!

Herbal medicines are foundational for this work.  They bring immediate relief in physical and emotional first aid scenarios.  They build resilience and inner resources as daily tonics over weeks or months.  But most importantly, as living medicines they connect you with the living wisdom of the Earth.