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I live in Nelson, BC, but most of my clients don’t. This tech age makes global connections easy. I’ve worked hard to create accessible offerings.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, I’d love to hear it. I respond to emails within 2-3 business days (more quickly if you say it’s urgent).

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Does the Living Medicine Project accept barter?

I hear you. You really want something that I’m offering, and while you don’t have the cash on hand for it, you’ve got a sincere heart, and real desire to give. And you’re wondering if I’m willing to do a trade.

The short answer is “Occasionally.” Philosophically, I love alternative currencies, creativity, and the spirit of barter. If you’re interested in doing barter, here’s what works with us and here’s what doesn’t.

What doesn’t work is to just say, “Hey, I really want your product X. Can I do something for you in exchange?” The reason this doesn’t work is because it then becomes my job over here to figure out what you do, what you could offer, and whether I need any of it. That actually takes a lot of time and attention. By the time I’ve emailed back and forth getting clear with you, or even ended up having a conversation, we might have spent an hour or more of our time trying to figure it out.

What does work is to meet my clarity with your clarity. I’m clear about what I’m offering, and you’ve said you wanted it. Come to me having thought about my business, what you might guess my needs might be, and make the offer, whether it’s a product or a service.

Generally the offer should require little to no effort on my part to reap the benefits, meaning that if it’s a product, there it is. And if it’s a service, the offer is a complete service and the benefits are something I just get to enjoy once you finish your work.

Remember the basics: my offer is clear, I want your offer to be as clear as ours is.

A note on offering healing sessions: If it’s something that I partner or kids can receive, I’ll be most interested. I’d love to be able to receive your healing also, though I usually find it challenging for folks, myself included, to be both practitioner and client to the same person.

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