The state of the world is a shit show of war, exploitation,  isolation, and disconnection…

  • global poverty is at an all time high

  • global capitalism is failing

  • pipelines are going forward

  • school shootings have somehow moved from unthinkable to frequent

  • racial tensions are growing

  • and antibiotic resistant bacteria will likely cause a pandemic in our lifetime.

Conscious, compassionate and caring people are getting sick or are simply running out of steam.

It’s enough to make you sick, isn’t it?


Instead, we must choose connection…

  • Connection with the Land where we live, with local water, foods and plant medicines, with the flow of the seasons, so that we can again live in right relationship with the Living Earth.

  • Connection with Ourselves, our hearts, and our beauty so that we can replace self criticism with self empathy, understanding and acceptance.  Which is the best way to stay engaged with your personal healing work.

  • Connection with Each Other through compassion, respect and understanding so that we can once again follow a path of peacemaking and healing together.

Simple?  Yes.

Easy?  Not always.  

Desperately needed by almost everyone?  Yep, absolutely!

Who doesn’t yearn for a path that will bring you back into harmony with the living world, bring joy and laughter to your heart, restore your health and vitality AND give us all a chance to restore balance globally.

People are starving for connection!

First - let’s start by reducing Your stress & anxiety:

  1. Stress affects your whole being - body/mind/spirit.  It touches every cell, every system, even your thoughts and emotions. It suppresses your immune system, your digestion, and sometimes your better judgment, while your heart rate, your breathing and your self criticism all increase.

  2. Your body has limits.  You can’t push through by your will alone.  Sure you can replenish yourself, but that requires slowing down or even stopping to recharge.  Your batteries will eventually run dry.

  3. Stress has been found to be responsible for almost every serious chronic health issue.  And even the illnesses not directly caused by stress, are made worse by it.