Do you need more support for you in your life?

Perhaps an intimate group of like-minded, kind-hearted folks also working on their own healing would be a good fit...

You know you want and need real hands-on, personal help with your healing and self care. Yet you’re not sure if individual, one-on-one work is the thing. Either the price isn’t in your budget, or you’re thinking there’s another option that builds more supportive relationships in your life.

Like a very small, hand-picked group of people who are facing very similar challenges in their lives and healing journeys, facilitated and guided together by someone who can hold your heart with great care and compassion.

Often this kind of a group is even more powerful than one-on-one because the multiple connections and peer support create a strong sense of community.

Connection, support, community - these aren’t indulgent, they’re core needs.  We’re hardwired to require these things and to thrive when we get them.

Introducing the ...

Healing Wise Group

an intimate group of heart-centered people rooting strong self care practices using herbs, empathy and nature connection