Do you have a bite-sized healing question you’d like to ask?

A single, insightful conversation focused on your needs

Now’s your chance!


Great things start with simple questions! It can be practical or theoretical. It can be a brand new issue or something that you maybe have been “putting off” for a while.  
All the tools in my kit are available to you.

And we can either meet in person at my office in Nelson or we can use skype to video chat or speak on the phone, if need be.


Your question can be about:

Herbal Healing

  • First Aid scenarios:

    • Digestive distress

    • Injuries

    • Infections or wounds

    • Anxiety or panic

  • Recovering from illness or surgery

  • Treating your children

Emotional Processing

  • Empathic reflections

  • Emotional awareness

  • Compassionate listening

  • Peacemaking & Conflict resolution

  • Relationship challenges

Simply write your question and send it my way.

Be as concise as you can, while telling me what I need to prepare for our session and for me to understand the question.  This will help you clarify and zone in on exactly what you want to ask so that I’m more able to answer it well. It will also help me prepare and come to your session with ideas flowing, ready to support you. (and you’ll have a chance to expand on context and relevant background when we speak.)

I love both holding space for people and sharing my knowledge and experience about herbal healing and emotional processing. I delight in compassionate listening, sharing the healing power of empathy and meeting people in a judgement-free space that allows your mind, heart and nervous system to relax.

I focus on coming up with practical doable steps as well as helping you deepen your understanding of what you are facing so that you can proceed with self-compassion, confidence and renewed health and vitality.


These 30 minute sessions are $40.  If you need more support and the session runs over, it’s $20 for an extra 15 minutes.

Here, you can ask your question and book your time…

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