You're in!  Welcome !!

Let's start with logistics...

  • 2 x 90 min. calls each month (as the group grows, the calls will move to 2 hrs)

  • the link to the fb group is below

  • you'll be buddied up with someone in the group for weekly anchoring calls and peer support

I've included a couple bonuses here for you.

  • This podcast episode where I interviewed Stephen Buhner. He isn't specifically intending to, but he eloquently explains the big picture of exactly why this work is needed.

I have more goodies to share, but those two are a great start.Lastly, here are the links to our Healing Wise facebook group.  Please click this link for your group and click Request to Join.

Healing Wise Group

Thank you again for having the courage to take this step.  I'm honoured to be your guide and I'm excited about getting to explore with you.strength & wisdom.