A Different Way to Listen

Hello friends!I can hardly contain my excitement right now!  I've been  bubbling over for the last 2 hrs.  You see, I found something that I've been looking for, something that I want to share with all of you: fellow plant lovers, nature lovers, those who desire to connect with the Living World all around us.And here's the surprise... it's a kid's book!We read this to our son 2 or 3 years ago and at the time I was blown away by the book thinking, "this is the kind of world that I want my son to know as his reality!"  It's simple and beautiful.It's called A Different Way to Listen by Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall.  The Vancouver Library has it!  Hopefully, we'll create a waiting list for it :P  Go and check it out cuz I can't represent the images here.But I can let you listen.  For you see, I'm so excited about it, I recorded myself reading it (single take) and I have plans to make it into a brief audio play so that it can have more of a life and play a larger role in this website.You see, this books encapsulates the world view that is the root of the Living Medicine Project and lots of the curriculum of the Urban Herb School (specifically the Herbal Integration Course).Here's a couple of lines to tempt you and then there's an mp3 that you can likely listen to or download...A Different Way to Listen(if you click this it will play.  right-click to save)"I used to know an old man who could walk by any cornfield and her the corn singing...Sometimes Everything Being Right makes a kind of sound...Do this: go get to know one thing as well as you can.  It should be something small...Every morning of his life when he was young he climbed a cottonwood and sat there listening.  her told me it was worth the time."