Announcing free webinar: Using herbs avoid getting sick while living in a system designed to make you sick


Autumn SplendorSending a Happy Autumn Equinox to all of you plant lovers!No doubt about it now, Autumn has hit the Pacific Northwest.  The nights are cooler, the trees have started changing colours and the seasonal colds and flus have started circulating.  Our family has already had one, how about you?This time of year, I tend to see a lot advertising messages in my email, on facebook and at the grocery or health food stores."It's back to school time ... start taking your immune boosting herbs!"I used to live around the corner from a health food store and every year, like clockwork, the Oil of Oregano was placed right on the counter beside the cash register.I heard a great many conversations about how "oregano oil will kill whatever is ailing you."  "It's so strong, it'll just burn that sickness away!"My mother still tells me "echinacea doesn't work unless it's combined with goldenseal."  I love you mom, but this is a myth.  A myth that is so widely believed that goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) is now an endangered plant.  I know very few herbalists who actually use or recommend it.  It's very strong medicine.flu-cartoonDo you see the common thread here?These are very strong herbal medicines.   Many of the herbal remedies being promoted as "immune boosters" are very strong medicines.  They need to be used with care or they will do more harm than good.And it's not the best approach for you to ward off "seasonal illnesses."In fact, using herbs in this way means that you’ll likely miss their greatest gifts!Join me for a free webinar to explore...

Using herbs avoid getting sick while living in a system designed to make you sick

~ Why "immune boosting" herbs may not be the best approach to preventing colds and flus ~

It's happening next week:Thursday Oct. 1, 20154 - 6 pm Pacific (1-3 Eastern) Register here --> Free Webinar You’ll learn…
  • How to use herbs to prevent colds and flus by syncing you with the seasons
  • The advantages of anti-viral herbs over immune boosting herbs
  • The key difference between allopathic and wholistic approaches and why this perspective is essential even if you're choosing an allopathic approach
  • 3 important questions that will help you re-frame the big picture of healing and why it's relevant for your well being
  • The negative impacts of over-using herbal immune boosting "cure-all's" like goldenseal or oil of oregano

Plus, I’ll share my 4 favourite herbal techniques that I use when I start to feel a sickness coming on.  99% of the time they will prevent the sickness entirely or at least jump me to the last days of the illness.

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Eric-Drooker-heart in rainEveryone who registers will get a copy of the recording.  So even if you can't make it to the live call, sign up to get the recording within 24 hours.If you've been considering taking my new web-class, Herbal Self Care for Radicals, Activists and Organizers, this will be a great chance for you to get a feel for my teaching style and the type of content we're going to explore in that class.This free webinar will be a just one example of How to sustain yourself and your activism using the healing and wisdom of plant medicines.I hope to "see" you there!strength & wisdom.garliqPS.  If you know anyone who would prefer to stay healthy than get sick, please pass them this email.  They will and I will be glad that you did.PPS.  Sometimes "selling people" on herbs isn't necessary because the big pharma does it for us.  If you haven't yet heard, you've got to check out this article: US pharmaceutical company raises the price of Aids medication by over 5,000%.  Seriously!  Tragically :(