Effective Resistance Must be Based in Nature

Greetings lovers of the plant medicine revolution,another world is possible crowd w bannerI'm writing today because I want to share an important idea, message ... actually, reminder, is the best word.This reminder is especially relevant for folks who are passionate about restoring balance to world. In fact, it's a message that can be applied both to your personal life and the groups, organizations and movements you're involved in.Here it is...

The Earth can (and will) restore balance to Itself.

And this isn't just relevant to environmental justice. It's relevant to all forms of activism, all struggles for justice and balance (race, gender, class, etc, etc). Because Earth is the context for these struggles.Many of our environmental movements carry the misguided belief that "We have to save the earth!" But we're not actually struggling to save the earth. Earth will persist.When we work to end racism or sexism or colonialism, when we struggle to halt environmental devastation, we're struggling so that we can survive.And if we want to do that, our best chance (maybe only chance) is to ...

root ourselves and our justice work in the Wisdom of the Earth.

raised fist 500x500This means that our economies, our communities, our cultural practices, our health care, our agriculture, and our justice movements need to be rooted in the land, the plants, the cycles of the seasons. These systems need to be modelled after the living systems of the Earth.My area of expertise is the plant world. They are my teachers, my healers and my doorway to accessing the wisdom of the Earth.

What do plants do, most essentially?

(let's exclude cultivated plants for this example)Wild plants have one primary objective, essentially speaking. They have many functions, but more or less they all serve this one objective.

Plants work to restore balance to the ecosystem.

Fire Weed 2(and yes, this includes the so-called "invasive plants." But let's not argue about it now. Please give me the benefit of the doubt just for now.)Immediately after a trauma like a forest fire or a clearcut, the plant world responds. Fireweed and other trauma response plants pop up and start the first stage of repairing the damage. Then there's a second stage and third, until the stage is set for the return of the old growth forest. Balance.You could also look at the "weeds" that show up in your garden. Sure they're a pain in the butt sometimes, but they're doing important work. They're trying to restore balance. (yep, that includes the buttercups)In a very practical way, plants can teach you how to be more creative, more effective and more sustained in the work that you do.I've been teaching people to communicate with plants for 6 or 7 years. I've witnessed people finding creative solutions to personal struggles, health problems, even bringing resolution to family or group conflicts.It may be a stretch for you. I get it. This is a very different story than what most of us have been told most of our lives.When I say "root ourselves and our activism in the wisdom of Earth," I mean connect deeply with Nature, take counsel from and emulate the models of living systems that have been restoring balance for millennia.Nature has no copyright! Learn and share the wisdoms of being in harmony with the Earth.I suggest that you go to the forest or park near you, talk to the plants and listen. Be patient.It may sound as if I'm being spiritual or "new age", but I'm not.It's more of an "old age" thing, a remembering of our true context... The Earth is alive and aware. It thinks creatively and remembers everything that's ever happened here.Our various movements have so much to learn in order to return to balance with all life on Earth.And I have it on good authority that the plants are willing to help. I'm not able to live well without this connection, teaching and healing.Imagine if our social, economic, political and cultural systems were still based on harmony with the Earth. Things would look a lot different. (And notice that these systems that are not based on harmony with Nature are all on the verge of collapse.)If this is making sense to you, if you're nodding as you read, then I think you're going to like my new class that starts Oct. 15th.This 6 week web-based class will show you how and why herbal medicines must play a major role in our lives, if indeed Another World IS Possible.It's called the ...

heart in rainHerbal Self Care Class for Radicals, Activists and Organizers

How to sustain yourself and your activism using the healing and wisdom of plant medicines

You can read more about it --> click hereEach class not only teaches about herbs that can help you be healthier and more resilient, but it will also include a wisdom teaching from Nature.And one of the classes is dedicated entirely to Nature Connection, so you can (re)learn how to listen to the plants and start developing real relationships that will sustain you over many years.There's an Early Bird Price that saves you $30 for the first 20 people to register. (There are 10 spots left).And, for folks who like to apply their learning directly, you can join the Herbal Praxis Group and get a box of herbs to immediately apply to your own healing and learning. (praxis means theory in action). There is an additional 1 hour Integration Call every week so that you can learn quickly which herbs are most powerful for you.Read more or register here --> Herbal Self Care for Radicals, Activists & OrganizersAnd, as always, please ask questions if you have them.strength & wisdom.garliqPS. I could use your help with spreading the word about this course. I'd really appreciate it if you'd forward this email to folks that you think would be interested. Or, if you do Facebook, you can like and/or share the event I've created for this class. Here's the FB link.PPS. You really can find practical answers to problems when you ask and listen to plants. As an example, I've been struggling with creating a free webinar to promote this class. I like to give folks a taste of my teaching style before they commit any money, but I really wasn't sure what topic to do. I went to a specific plant in the woods near my house (this plant has been calling me for 3+ years) and it gave me a surprisingly specific topic. You'll see that coming in the next week. And you'll likely think "holy shit, that is surprisingly specific advice from a plant." And you'll be right.PPPS. You don't need to be a traditional "activist" to get lots of good stuff out of this class. I named the course this way because I really want my work to support two groups of people... the ones who are already doing such amazing work AND the ones who want to be part of the global struggle for justice but are too stressed, anxious, burnout or isolated. And as long as you're not offended by me pointing out the inferiority and shortsightedness of capitalism and reductive science, then we'll get along fine :) Here's the link again for --> the Herbal Self Care Class for Radicals, Activists & Organizers