Gift Idea: Luscious, Homemade Cream


Winter greetings to all you beautiful herbie folk,Trees in the frostThe cold season is definitely upon us and a particular kind of stillness has fallen on the forests here in the Pacific Northwest. It's cold and dry outside and hot and dry inside.Every year as this season hits, I get a very strong (let's call it a) request from my partner to make her some cream because her skin feels dry. Her favourite is the Calendula and Rosewater Cream made with almond oil (and sometimes beeswax from her own bees).Truth be told, I also use the creams that I make for her I just don't seem to make it for myself. I need that extra boost of making it for someone I love.Make Your Own Face and Body Creams workshop posterThat's why my Make Your Own Face and Body Creams workshop series has become an annual Fall/Winter event. And it's happening again this year - in fact, this Sunday, Dec. 7 - in Nelson.But there's also another thing that comes up every year at this time... Black Friday and the consumer christmas craziness (ie. enormous waste).So, every year I offer some support and encouragement for you to make your gifts this season.This year, I'd like to help you to give the gift of luscious, homemade creams If you're like me, making it for someone else not only gets you actually doing it but gets you some cream to use yourself.Check out the Creams and Salves Kits Page here. Orders over $50 get free shipping. The kits will be mailed out on Dec. 10th to make sure you have time to make your gifts.Or come to the Make Your Own Face and Body Creams classes at the Women's Centre in Nelson.When you make your own creams, you can:

  • Feel good about every ingredient because you put them in yourself
  • Save a lot of money by making creams that cost you less than $10 per cup (instead of per ounce)
  • Effectively treat skin conditions or heal wounds by adding healing herbs to your lotions
  • Nourish your skin with good quality oils that you trust have been sourced well
  • Quickly and easily, make your own creams in your own kitchen in under an hour (once you’ve got the hang of it)
  • Impress your friends by gifting them handmade cream for the holidays

There are two workshops on Sunday Dec. 7th:Creams for Beginners - 10am-12:30pmAdvanced Creams - 1-3:30pm.You can come to either or both.Read more or register here --> Make Your Own Face and Body CreamsEven if you're not able to come to a class or buy a kit, I encourage you to play with making your own body care products. I didn't touch on it in this email, but there are some real nasty chemicals that mess with your hormones in lots of creams, lotions, and such.Here's a short video about US standards. I haven't found one that talks about canadian standards, but I'd guess they're pretty close.

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If you've got resources about the chemicals to avoid in body care products or body care recipes you'd like to share, please comment below.strength & wisodom.garliqPS. I'm really excited to let you know that - for the first time ever - I'll be doing a sale for herbal medicines from my apothecary. These herbs are entirely hand-crafted, ethically harvested, potent medicines. Almost everything has been grown, gathered, processed and loved by my own two hands. (I have had help from apprentices and students.) No dates yet, but the Apothecary Sale is coming soon...and with great deals.