Going Bananas for Plantain!

Greetings Plant Lovers!

We've had more than a few days of Sunshine in row.  Dare I say that the weather is hinting at ... at... Summer!  (i can't believe he actually said it, that means they'll take it away!)But this article isn't about the weather, it's about Plants.  and 1 specific plant that has brought me great support and tremendous healing.It has been said, that I go Bananas for PLANTAIN!

June is Plantain Month!

And it's not what you think.  See it's a play on words cuz I love puns, but the plant I'm talking about is not a tiny banana.  In fact, it's found all around us.  I'd be willing to bet that there are at least 50 plants within a 100 metres of you right now.Here's what it looks like...when you find it in the grass...or like this when you find it at the edges of things...(fields, sidewalks, buildings and such)...    Plain and simple, this about the most versatile herb in my apothecary.  And the best part about it, is that it's easy to find, it works really really well and it's free.  (i guess that's 3 best things!  shh, don't tell anyone.)I'm not going to go into ALL of the wonder aspects of Plantain in the post, but I will mention a few of my favourites...1.  Plantain is highly anti-septic which makes it a great choice to use as a first aid herb for Scrapes, Burns and Bites.2.  It's cooling and anti-inflammatory which makes it great for skin rashes that are dry and hot.  I've heard more than a handful of stories about folks who used this plant to treat really bad poison ivy.3.  It has an analgesic effect which makes is wonderful for Aches, Bangs and Bruises.  And believe it or not, it works fast!  My friend Miguel can attest to that cuz it blew his skeptical mind when his 4 year old daughter suggested it.  He did it to avoid yell profanities at/around her and came to me later that day with amazement in his voice and recounted the story.  (way to go Solena!  you get a toaster for converting another)For all it's medicine, it's also quite nutritious.  It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc and copper.  Along with vitamins A, C and K.All right, that brings us to a close for today.    I hope that i've wet your palette for this tasty, nutritious and prfoundly effective medicine.Pleasant Harvesting!  and bon appetite!