Tips for Blackberry gathering

Howdy folksWhat a beautiful day today was.  My family and I were out picking blackberries today.  I've been reflecting on our lack of preparedness and thought I'd share a few things that may make it easier for you.But first I offer my encouragement to everyone to go blackberry picking.  it's an incredibly abundant food that's just coming into it's peak.  they're very high in antioxidants, they're free, they're very local, but the thing I most enjoy is the slowness and attention.  Right now, as I reflect on my day, this is what I'm most appreciating, the inner slowness or rather 'appropriate pace' that I'm feeling.  I really like knowing and experiencing how much energy goes into bringing food home.As I gathered I pondered the idea that the Earth is simply covered with food and much of it requires no agricultural inputs.  Food that feeds all life is provided.  There is wild abundance all around us.  and I do better, my heart feels relief, when I remember this abundance and this sacred relationship between Earth and Her children.Hmm, when I started writing this I was mostly wanting to  suggest wearing tough-ish long sleeves and pants.  as well as bringing thick gloves and good hand pruners.  It's worth getting into the hard to get places!This blogging thing is still new to me.  I guess I'm still finding my voice.  thanks for indulging me.  and please feel free to post comments about any post.  I look forward to this process being more of a conversation with other parents, healer types and plant geeks.Here's a very interesting link I found about blackberry nutrition and botany.strength & wisdom.garliq