Announcing Herbal Remedy Sale - 5 Days Only


Hello kindred spirits and plant medicine lovers,This past January I did an experiment.  I thought it was going to be a 1-time-only event, but it was so successful and so many people shared success stories and appreciation that I had to repeat it.I'm writing today to let you know that my 3rd Herbal Remedy Sale is happening this week.I learned something incredibly important about my herbal healing work during the first two sales.  I learned that I love making medicines for my community.  I also learned that I don't want a retail business.For me for feel that deep soul satisfaction, my medicine making has to be an expression of sacred service from me to my community.I loved hearing feedback about how my herbal remedies were helping people, some of you folks.  I could see that my herbs were making a difference in the lives of the people I most want to see thrive in the world.I've seen this sort of thing before, but only in the clients that worked one-on-one with me (meaning they got herbs tailored specifically to them).  I saw that my general remedies worked really well for quite a few people. The herbs I've put together either when treating my family or doing first aid work were serving you folks, my community.I've decided to do these herb sales twice each year.  The sales will only be available to the folks who follow/support my herbal healing work AND your friends and family.  So feel free to share this around, just don't openly broadcast it.Here's the link to the --> Herbal Remedy Sale for Dec. 2015There are 11 Tincture Blends, 3 Salves and access to My Full Apothecary.Almost every herb I use was gathered locally - near Nelson or Vancouver - and more than that... every herb gave permission to being harvested.  (If you're new to this list or my work, you should know that part of what I do is teach people to have Right Relationship with plants.)I've put 2 tincture blends and 1 salve on sale... Anxiety Away and the Chill Me Out NOW! tincture blends and the Scrapes, Burns and Bites.I've done this because I hope these herbs can help you have a more relaxed holiday season.  (Plus there's the stress of the climate talks in Paris right now.)There are also herbs to help you sleep, relieve your cramps, support your immune system and even combat S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder).This sale runs from right now until the end of the day on Friday, Dec. 12.Shipping is free on orders of $75 or more. (in canada)Check it out!  Here's the link again --> Herbal Remedy Sale for Dec. 2015Please spread the word to link-minded and like-hearted folks.You'll be getting a two more emails about this sale this week.  I'll be offering a teaching of how to work with one or two of them and then I'll send out a reminder on Friday.Thank you so much for your support of herbal medicine and my work.  I pray that these herbs serve you and your family well :)strength & wisdom.garliqPS.  In my last email I said that I'll be selling digital copies of my recent web-class, Herbal Self Care for Radicals, Activists and Organizers, but I've decided to do something even better than that!  Instead of offering the recordings from the last class, I'll be offering this class again ... live ... starting in late January (dates coming soon).And it'll be at a new time, so that folks who couldn't engage because of timing will have a chance connect in with a wonderful community of folks talking herbs, healing and self care.So, if you missed it the first time, you'll have another chance to join in!PPS.  If you missed it, there's a wonderful and free, 30 minute-ish herba/magical healing story available for you to listen to whenever you want.  The story was told about the Living Medicine Project by an amazing intuitive storyteller, my friend Leo.You can listen to this amazing story here --> The Song of the Land StoryIt's a truly incredible story that has brought me to tears more than once because of its beauty and truth.