More About Specific Herbal Remedies Available in this Sale


Hello herbal remedy lovers,I wanted to send you this quick note to let you know about some of my handcrafted herbal remedies that are only available until Friday.When I announced the sale I told you about some of my motivations to sell my well loved herbs, so today I thought I'd tell you about a few of the remedies themselves.There are 11 Tincture Blends and 3 Salves that I've put together to treat many of the common ailments that I come across treating my clients, family and friends.I'm offering these herbs now so that you can be more prepared for the holidays to come.There are blends to treat stress and anxiety ... Anxiety Away and Chill Me Out NOW!.  Both work quickly to help calm you down when you're upset, but the Anxiety Away is more specific to panic and fear while the Chill Me Out blend is better for people who clench up or get angry when they're stressed.If you're going to be partaking in foods that can be challenging to your digestion - whether you feel heavy and sluggish or bloated after you eat - the Wild Mountain Bitters can help a great deal.

You can check out the Herbal Remedy Sale here -->  Herbs Sale for Dec. 2015
Here's a note from Gina, a mother, doula and long time student of mine, that she sent me one day this summer...

"Thanks Garliq for making awesome herbal blends! Woke up barely able to move and alone with my little baby, your back blend I picked up on a whim has resulted in me able to sorta move and function, it was a big relief. And made it seem not as devastating when I was reminded my chiropractor doesn't work Fridays!

I've never met a blend by Garliq I didn't love."

The Back Relax Blend - If you’ve got back pain, this can change your life. It relaxes your back muscles without sedating. It’s fast, effective and safe.Just two more blends I want to tell you about...The Clear Lung Formula is my secret weapon for treating my family when we get a chest cold, congestion, influenza or post-nasal drip.  It works phenomenally well to clear up pretty much any mucous condition that I've come across.  (And it has the added benefit of supporting the probiotics in your gut)And by far my most popular herbal remedy ... the Immune Support Blend.  Take this the moment you start to feel something coming on - the first tickle in your throat sort of thing - and you’ll either avoid the sickness entirely or wake up the next day at the end of the cycle.But what most people don't realize is that echinacea (one of the main ingredients in this blend) is very effective for clearing out sickness and not just preventing it.  It supports your lymph system to clear out the waste products of the virus.  There's also a couple of other herbs in there to help your immune system respond quickly and effectively without freaking out (and yes, your immune system can overcompensate just like the rest of us do)Here's the link again -->  Herbs Sale for Dec. 2015Ok, that's it from me for today.  Please tell your friends about this sale.  Your help is most appreciated :)And, of course, if you have any questions, please ask me.strength & wisdom.garliqPS.  the new shopping cart on the website is having a few small glitches.  If you're local to Nelson, it may try to charge you shipping.  Please don't pay it (unless you think there's no easy way for you to pick it up or me to drop it off while I'm around town).  And if you notice any other weird things, please let me know so i can get it fixed.PPS.  The sale ends at the end of the day on Friday (around 12midnight).