Forsythia on Equinox

Happy Spring Equinox 2011!!!Today was a gray, mopey, overcast day here in Vancouver, BC.  Funny that the 1st day of Spring should be less pleasant than the last week of weather.    Funny, though, cuz it shows the meaning of dates on a calendar... not much in some regards.My day didn't start out so well.  I was walking along noticing that my mood was reflected in the rainy, overcast weather when I came around a corner and see this...(above image)  I took a closer look and saw stopped me in my tracks!  it's magnificent mustard yellow colour.  But not just that, it was singing!  The energy of this shrub was at it's peak.  it sang to the world to be noticed.  it sang to the world like the robin sings, to announce the coming of Spring.imagine these last 2 pics rotated 90 degrees clockwise (cuz i'm not able to do it with my knowledge of this software just yet).So if you see this plant, and it stands out, not just against the gray, but against the dormant, the sleeping plant world, feel free to giggle along with it.  Notice the birds within because the Bushtits love it.I know of no internal medicinal use for this plant.   But it makes me smile.  And today, i laughed out loud as it took me out of my thoughts back into the Living World.  It's a prophet of Spring.  It may not be the first plant you notice in the lead up to Spring, but it's the first plant that Demands your Attention!The Plants are coming Back!!  Hooray!  Hooray!