See the City GREEN - Spring Classes

Greetings Plant Lovers!

The Green World Wakes!  Spring is upon us!  And the Urban Herb School is hitting the ground running, so to speak.I'm ridiculously excited to be offering this class again this season.  Largely because we'll have a chance to visit the same 5 sites 3 times.  We'll be able to see the beautiful spectrum of colours that ebb and flow across the landscape like a River of Rainbow. We'll smell the various perfumes (wafts of propolis from Cottonwoods are already noticeable!).  We'll watch plants come up, grow, fade and give way to the next wave.  We'll nibble, taste and experience the plants in all their expressions.  We'll use all our senses to learn to See into the Green.For more info about the class, the school or the instructor, please visit...

What do you see in the green?

Identifying edible and medicinal plants around Vancouver

This class is all about identifying edible and medicinal plants around Vancouver.  Using some basic botany, students will learn to see depth and to distinguish plants in the endless Sea of Green that is the plant world.

5 Herb Walks – 5 weeks – 5 locations


Thursdays6:30 – 8pm

Starting Thursday April 7th

This class ran twice last season.  In each we looked at approx. 20 medicinal and 15+ edible plants growing in Green Spaces around the city. Pacific Spirit ParkStanley ParkBurnaby LakeLiving Medicine GardensJericho Beach

Please note:  this class is 5 walks this year but was 6 last year.  This image will be changed soon, but for now, this class does Not include a walk in Seymour Valley

Leading the Class: GarliqGarliq is an Herbalist and Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner living in East Vancouver.  Deeply passionate about creating healthy communities, he really enjoys sharing/teaching about plant medicines and seeing the Green come Alive for people.  He's especially interested in sharing the sense of empowerment he's found from gathering and making his own remedies. Check out Garliq's Biography to learn more about him and his work.

To Register:

email: LivingMedicine”at” - with words “See the City GREEN registration” in the subject line.

Space is limited!  Register early cause it fills up fast!

Next offerings … June & August