Herbal Remedy Sale - Autumn 2017

Hello herbal lovers,view from my officeIt snowed yesterday, here in Nelson, BC.  It’s incredibly beautiful.  Here’s a photo from my office window.Why is this important, you ask?Because as the weather gets colder and wetter, we’re all going to be spending more time indoors.  Which means you’ll be sharing air as well as space with more people… and that means more exposure to colds and flus.*I try to offer my 2ce yearly Herbal Remedy Sale before the snow flies.  Because I want people to have the remedies they need to keep healthy through the Winter season.So, let’s make today the start of this 1 week only Herbal Remedy Sale.There are 11 Tincture Blends and a few topical Salves available to treat a wide variety of issues.   These are the herbal tools I use to treat my family and a growing number of clients.

Here are my 3 top selling blends during fall and winter...

holding-the-sacred-fire1. Bring Back the Sunshine Blend can’t get rid of the snow, but it does wonders to lift the blues and blahs that come during the dark time of year.  (and it tastes like honey...mmm)2. Clear Lung Formula works quickly to help with all sorts of heavy, damp lung conditions.  Perfect for the deep, wet sounding cough and even post-nasal drip.3. Immune Support Blend gives a good boost to to your immune system if you’re “fighting something off”.  It works well for viral or bacterial infections, like influenza, common colds or even strep throat.*I also have herbs to relieve menstrual or digestive cramps, treat fevers, treat children, reduce anxiety/stress and more.Check it out here → Herbal Remedy SaleOr if you’re returning and want to jump right to the product list, click here.

The Herbal Remedy Sale - Autumn 2017 is open for 1 week only

closing next Saturday, Nov. 111.

Prices are reasonable and there’s free shipping on orders $75+.strength & wisdom.garliq* / PS -  I just want to offer a different perspective than what’s normally presented by companies selling herbal remedies… so-called “immune-boosting” herbs are not the best way to avoid getting sick.  They can work amazingly well, yes.  I use some of them too.AND … it’s easy to use these herbs “heroically”, in a way that forces the body, because we don’t often have time to get sick.  Ultimately, the best prevention to sickness is good nutrition along with a healthy community and reasonable pace of life.If you don’t have time to get sick, then it’s time for a cultural revolution that allows you, me, everyone, a healthy pace of life.So, take the echinacea if you need it. spider web But remember: any system that requires us to suppress basic human needs in order to survive ... is broken.The bigger picture holds that plants can teach us more than survival.  They can teach us to thrive, to become once again fully human and connected with all of nature.