Sprouting Young Herbalists - the New Apprenticeship Program


apprentice Justene pouring tincture - 500xHello plant medicine lovers,Studying herbal medicines is different than studying most other things.  It's an entirely different way of learning than most of us learned in school.There's a certain quality of learning that comes through a plant's story.  Meeting the plant where it lives, getting down in the dirt with it, learning about how people have used it for generations, smelling a flower and tasting a leaf - these practices are so profound in your learning because they carry a deeper meaning about the living plant.  (this is part of the reason that  so many herbal correspondence courses go unfinished even by enthusiastic young herbies)For me, and for many of the herb students I've spoken with, we've noticed that this way of learning has actually created a yearning in us.  And this aches is calling us back to traditional ways of learning that are hardly practised these days...  apprenticeship and mentorship.[If you haven't listened to the Stephen Jenkinson talk that I shared recently and you're interested in this particular topic, it's worth the hour to listen to this interview. ]I'm proud to announce the...

garlic sproutSprouting Young Herbalist

Apprenticeship Program 2016

Starting in March, I'll be taking 2 Junior Apprentices (8 months) and 1 Advanced Apprentice (1 year) to share on my herbal knowledge in a personal, hands-on way.My aim is to sprout new, confident herbal healers and add more plants to the work of healing ourselves, each other and our communities.Here are the pertinent details...

Two Junior Apprenticeships...

These two positions are for folks who feel confident with some of the basics of herbalism (can id, harvest and make a basic remedy with at least a few plants) who want a lot more practice and learning-by-doing opportunities.

  • Runs 8 months : March - November 2016
  • You'll work 8 hours/week + (occasionally) a few extra hours during peak harvesting
  • You get to take the Herbal Integration Course 2016 for free! (valued at $1400)
  • Most work will happen at my home apothecary in Nelson, BC

 Advanced Apprenticeship...

This position is for someone who feels confident with the basics of herbalism (can id, harvest and make advanced remedies) who want support and guidance to either start their practice or begin teaching.

  • Runs for 1 year : March 2016 - February 2017
  • You get to not only take, but start to teach portions of the Herbal Integration Course
  • You'll work 4 hours/week + (occasionally) a few extra hours during peak harvesting
  • But don't worry, you'll have regular assignments related to plant connection, curriculum development, developing your teaching and clinical skills to keep you busy for another 4-6 hours/week
  • This is more of a mentorship program where you'll be guided toward offering herbal classes or developing your practice

To find out more, click here--> the Sprouting Young Herbalists Apprenticeship Program

Applications are due by Friday Feb. 26.

Please feel free to ask questions and/or share this with others.  It would really help me if you're able to forward this to people or groups that you think would be interested.In the spirit of remembering and rebuilding the ways that will best serve all of Creation,garliqPS.  If you really like mythical stories, I think you'll really like The Song of the Land.  It's an intuited, mythical story about the work of the Living Medicine Project told by my friend Leo Sofer, who is an intuitive storyteller (of both children's and adult stories).  It's a very power story.  Please check it out.

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