Happy New Year + sneak peak at the new Apprenticeship Program + a great talk by Stephen Jenkinson

tea-timeHello Lovers of Plant Wisdom,Like the plants, this winter season has evoked a dormancy within me.  I don't seem to achieve the stillness as the mountain forest around my home, but i'm always drawn inward to reflect and prepare for the return of the plants.My point is that I've been out of touch for longer than I'd intended.Happy New Year, belated though it may be :)I have a couple of very exciting things to share in this little note.  I really want to share this incredible interview that I heard just a few days ago.  It really blew me away as it was on the topic of 'who has the right to teach?'But just before I get to that, let me tell you about a few things that are coming up this year... not all the details are in place, but they're happening...First ... I'm expanding my Apprenticeship Program this year.  All the details will come out later this week with the Official Announcement.But right now I can say that I'll have places for 2 Junior Herbal Apprentices and 1 Advanced Herbal Apprentice.If you are in the Kootenays and you want to take your herbal studies to a much deeper level with lots of hands-on work, you'll want to pay attention to this :)last year's poster. 2016's coming soon.Secondly... the dates are set for the Herbal Integration Course in the Kootenays have been set.  There's an Very Early Bird Price - that saves you $300 - until Feb. 14th (because I'm a romantic!)You can read more here --> Herbal Integration Course 2016Third... for folks near Vancouver ... In June I'll be offering my first Urban Retreat in Vancouver.  It'll be a 5 Day Intensive all about direct communication and connection with plants.  It's condensed version of the Herbal Integration Course and a few things from the Advanced Plant Communication Course that I offer.Tentatively that's scheduled for June 13-17, 2016 and will be under $1000.  (I'm committed to keeping it affordable!)The Jenkinson Interview...stephenMy friend Tad Hargrave has been raving about this guy for months whenever we talk.  He sounded cool to me, but I wasn't really looking for another teacher so I didn't follow up on his suggestions to check out Stephen Jenkinson and/or the Orphan Wisdom School.So, when Tad did a 1 hour audio interview with him and emailed it to me (and the rest of his list, it's not just for me), I had to check it out.Jenkinson's interview is simply incredible.  And it's particularly relevant for folks, like myself, who feel a calling to teach - especially when the content relates to(or is directly from) so many wisdom traditions.  He touches on cultural appropriation in a refreshing way and asks some very challenging questions - that I can honestly say I've never heard anyone else ask - about the woundedness of the world.Here's the link to the interview --> Tad interviews Stephen JenkinsonI hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this topic.  You can post your reply here, if you'd like to keep this conversation going.It's no coincidence that I mentioned my Apprenticeship Program in the same email as this interview.  Jenkinson also talks about the loss of apprenticeship as a model for learning.  again, great stuff!  Check it out!strength & wisdom.garliq