Want herbs that are loved, local, safe and effective? - Sale Ends Today at Midnight


calendula in rainHi again,This is just a quick note to remind you that the Herbal Remedy Sale ends tonight.(I know that 3 emails in 1 week is far more than my usual)I haven't mentioned my pricing scheme thus far - except that there are a few things on sale.  I price things very differently than herb shops.  I like to keep things simple.So every herb that I sell is the same price.  I don't charge more for herbs that the market deems as more valuable.  And, even though some herbs take much longer to harvest and process than others, I don't charge more for them either.I also don't charge less for herbs that are faster and easier to turn into remedies.My hope is that this will all even itself out.  Because - even though this sale will help me pay for rent this month - I'm doing this as a form of sacred service for you beautiful people.You can check out the Herbal Remedy Sale here –>  Herbs Sale for Dec. 2015

My prices vary by volume...

Tincture Blends   |    Regular Price / On Sale Price Herbal Remedies

           50 ml                                          $18 / $15

         100 ml                                         $33 / $28

         250 ml                                         $75 / $68


           50 ml                                           $15 / $12

         100 ml                                          $25 / $22

So, there you have it.  These emails have covered who this sale is for, some of the specific herbal remedies that are available and now the pricing.

Thank you for your continued support and solidarity.  We're on a challenging path... bringing herbal medicine back into the mainstream while -and most importantly - keeping the herbs out of corporate control.

strength & wisdom.


PS.  This sale will happen again sometime in the Spring of 2016.  No dates set.  So, get what you need now cuz it'll be 4-5 months before you get another chance.

Here's the link again  –>  Herbs Sale for Dec. 2015