Developing the Skill of Using Herbs: Moving from Information Through Belief to Trust


Hello plant lovers,When you start learning about herbal medicine, you tend to have your mind blown.  There’s a sudden leap in our bubble of awareness. The green world opens up to us in a new way.Do you know this feeling?There’s a wonder that comes when you realize how many medicinal plants there are…. Just in your area, let alone the world.And so we dig in and start learning.  We get a few books, watch a few videos, maybe read a blog or two.  You might even find yourself on an herb walk.This is the time to feed that curiosity and wonder.  You can just drink it up!Eventually there comes a time in your learning process where you feel a shift.  You start craving something that the books and blogs aren’t quite fulfilling. Maybe you have questions that the books aren’t quite answering for you.You’ve gathered enough information so that you start believing that herbs really can do incredible things.  And for most of us, we need to hear it a few times from different sources and see some evidence so that we can decide for ourselves.The next step is How-To, right?  You want to learn how to apply all this information.  You’ve gotta test it to trust that it works.You need a teacher, right? Someone who can answer your live questions, model the practice and help you develop the skills.  But you need a teacher that you click with.  Because we're made to learn best when we feel safe and connected, but that's a whole different article.Full transparency here : I do have a brand new workshop that’s the most How To Use Herbs class I’ve ever put together.  (more on that below)But I think what I’m describing is part of the universal learning process.  It’s relevant whether you’re able to take my amazing new class or not.There is such a powerful DIY drive in so many people in our community, that I think we can forget that we humans are NOT designed to Go-It-Alone.  We need to be able to teach and learn from each other in so many ways!Personally, I’ve always had the greatest growth when I had a teacher.  I know I’m not alone in this.I’m sharing this today for two reasons…

  1. I want to encourage you to find a teacher that you click with so you can deepen your learning for the things that call to you.Not every teacher and student fit together, so let yourself be a little picky :)  And it’s helpful if they know how to teach along with having some mastery to share.
  2. Because this topic can be deceptively traumatic for many of us.Some of us are too stubborn and some of us too broke to ask for help and guidance by taking a class.  Some of us feel this pull toward the How-To and it drives us to seek a mentor or Elder and not just a teacher, only to find that there aren’t many true mentors left.   For some, it’s trauma from our own school experience. And often enough, it’s a cocktail.I share this because I’m familiar with it.  I’ve walked it, and sometimes resisted it.And so, I want to hold each of you with care and tenderness around this.

In my humble, but honest opinion… the easiest and most effective way to develop trust in your healing tools is having the right teacher for you.Remember that bubble of awareness that we talked about earlier.  Maybe you can imagine that bubbling filling with trust and confidence.  The potential that fills the bubble begins to shift with experience and practice.The bubble expands out again and again as you continue on your healing journey.  And always it’s the same process to turn that potential into practical and trust worthy.May your learning blossom like a flower as you unfold your gifts into the world.strength & wisdom.garliq

Have you ever wanted to use herbs in a first aid situation, but weren’t quite sure how to do it? (so you didn’t try or it didn’t work very well?)

Maybe you realized that there’s a difference between information about which herbs could heal and knowing how to use herbs to actually heal.

I’ve found that there are three main ingredients to having success using herbs in first aid…

  1. Prepare Yourself and Your Healing Tools. The first step is getting ready to hold a calm, healing space for someone who may be having a very difficult time.  And having your salves, liniments, tinctures, poultices, etc ready to go makes everything a whole lot easier.
  2. Practice Before the Crisis.  Imagine (or remember) the scenario that you’re preparing for and run the whole scenario through in your mind.  Use the tools you’ve created and practice using them. Practice on yourself so you have an experience of it and practice on other people.
  3. Be Ready to Improvise.  After you’ve prepared as well as possible, life will throw you a curveball.  You won’t have your full tool kit with you or someone will have an unusual allergy or whatever.  It’ll be impossible to predict. And knowing about the Action Categories of how herbs work will help ENORMOUSLY.

That’s why I created this 2½ day workshop…  so you can build your confidence, have success using herbs, , and heal yourself and your loved ones naturally.

Herbal First Aid & Beyondfor Health-Conscious Parents, DIYers, and Plant Lovers

~ Feel confident using herbs to heal everyday ailments, injuries and infections with this 2 day, hands-on workshop ~

June 22-24, 2018 in Nelson, BC

To read more → click hereIf you have any questions or if you want to set up a payment plan, let’s talk.  Just send me a quick email.PS.  Please help me spread the word :)  if you know any health-conscious parents, DIY folks or Plant Lovers in the Nelson area, please forward some info.Here are the 2 main links…  Facebook Event Page    & Full Description webpage Thanks in advance for anyone you share it with :)